(Clean Class 10 - 100,000)
We are specialized in Purified HVAC systems and our team of professional engineers made our company recougnized worldwide by adopting cutting edge technology in cleanrooms. We have done numerous modren and state-of-the-art projects for big names in high tech industry of electronics, pharmaceuticals and optics who are contributing for the betterment of minkind.
We can integrate bespoke purified HVAC design according to your layout plan and can manufacture and install on turnkey basis by maintaining US Federal Standard (US FED STD 209E) and ISO Standard (ISO 14644-1).


Bio-Safety Labs

(BSL-1, BSL-2, BSL-3 & BSL-4)
Our internationally qualified engineers are capable to design and manufacture high standard ultra clean Bio-Safety Lab where scientists and BSL technicians can work on isolated environment with ease. We build bio-safety labs on turnkey basis under WHO guidelines.
Our isolated purified HVAC design ensures that lab maintains negative pressure and bio-hazards should remain within the lab and does not contaminate outer environment

Laminar Flow OTs

(Modular Operating Theatres & ICUs, CCUs, NICUs, PICUs)
Our modular / laminar flow operating theatres are engineered to meet International standards with your specific requirements and health care needs. Bespoke purified HVAC system design with Laminar Air Flow ensures sterility, easy maintenance and effective utilization.
We not only design state-of-the-art Modular Operating Theatres & ICUs but also manufacture and install on turnkey basis.

Modular Operating Theatres

Go with the Laminar Flow  

Woodi Purification System is the leader in providing contamination free environment with over 20 years of research and manufacturing experience in state-of-the-art laminar flow operating theatres, ICUs, cleanrooms and biosafety labs.

We provide you with the best critical environment solutions that are cost effective in tight timescale. As being specialist in purified heating ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) system, we offer complete support from planning, designing to production, installation to after sales services. We can provide customized air containment environment solution products that include cleanroom wall panels, stainless steel antibacterial color coated wall panels & false ceiling for operating theatres, PVC & antibacterial rubber floorings for operation theatres, hermetically sealed doors for operating theatres and biosafety labs, surgeon control panels for operating rooms and ICUs, surgical scrub sink, ceiling pendants for operation thetares and ICUs, x-ray viewer boxes for operating rooms, HEPA Filters, Air Handling Units, Air shower, Clean Bench, Bio-Safety Cabinets and other related equipments.

Woodi has dedicated team of professional engineers who are committed to provide the quality health care facilities and contamination free clean environment by using international standards i.e. Federal Standard (US FED STD 209E) and ISO Standard (ISO 14644-1). We are here to assist you in every step of your planning, designing, installation and after sale service.

We offer services worldwide on turnkey basis!